Ecce Panis Harvest Grain Loaf

The Ecce Panis Difference. Hand-crafted and stone-baked, Ecce Panis is a bread like no other. Latin for “behold the bread”, Ecce Panis is made to be as distinctive as its name. Using the finest ingredients and natural starters, our dough isallowed to rise slowly to perfection. Our breads are shaped and scored by hand to create a crust that nearly bursts to reveal the mouth-watering goodness inside. Each loaf is baked on a unique volcanic stone for a perfect golden-brown crusty outside, sealing in the fresh, hearty flavor inside. Take in the aroma — our breads are baked daily, so you know they’re always fresh, and always taste as delicious as they look. Of course, they’re wholesome too — with no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. We bake a wide variety of breads, over 20 in all, including Roasted Garlic Italian, Focaccia, Sunflower, Multigrain Boule, Ciabatta, European Baguette, Country White, Raisin Pecan and OliveBatard, to name just a few. We invite you to try them. We know you’ll be pleased. Ecce Panis, gourmet artisan breads since 1989. Harvest Grain Loaf. Complex and flavorful with 14 delicious grams of whole grains per serving. Whole wheat flour, cracked wheat, oats, flax and sunflower seeds with a touch of honey arecombined in this delicious hearty bread. A crispy outer crust andsoft dense interior makes it perfect for sandwiches or toast. Flavorful, Moist and Hearty Multi-Grain Loaf 14g of Whole Grains Good Source of Fiber Low Fat, Cholesterol Free, 0g Trans Fat