Clif Bar, Organic Sierra Trail Mix

Peanuts; chocolate; raisins. 10 g protein. Certified Organic by QAI. Non-GMO. If it's organic it's non-GMO. Nutrition for sustained energy. Though Clif Bar & Company makes nutritious food, we also believe that our actions should nourish people, planet, and communities. For years we've supported communities impacted by natural disasters by helping to provide a 'second response'- offering aid after the first responders have completed their heroic work, when the news coverage has ceased and the hard work of rejuvenating communities has just begun. To deepen our commitment to those communities affected by future disasters, we've created the CLIF Second Responder Fund, which will be funded by 100% of the net profit from the sales of our Sierra Trail Mix Clif Bar energy bars. Know that with each purchase, you've joined a larger mission to make it good. - Gary & Kit. Founder and owner of Clif Bar & Company Family and Employee Owned. 1-800-ClifBar M-F 8-5 PT. Clif 2nd Responder Fund: 100% of net profit from this bar donated to aid communities after disaster strikes. Clif Family Foundation: Giving back. FSC: Recycled - Packaging made from recycled material. Rainforest Alliance Certified: Cocoa.