Pure Gourmet Gelato Coconut Almond

Pure Gourmet™ Coconut Almond Gelato. All natural. Gluten free. Coconut almond gelato creamy coconut with a hint of smooth almond and finished with dark chocolate covered almond pieces. A perfect combination! As a chef for pure gourmet, I know that decadent flavors and natural, healthy ingredients can share the same pint ... and so can you! I took the time to select the highest quality ingredients with flavors for you to savor and enjoy. Now, grab a spoon and allow me to be your guide to a better indulgence. Purely natural. Purely bold. Purely intense. You understand - as we do - a pint of something pure is priceless these days. Life is complicated. Make it pure. Enjoy eating pure! No trans fats. Gluten free. If you like our products or have suggestions, we will listen. Please email us at info@puregourmetfoods.com.