Johnson's Foot Soap - Quick Dissolving Powder

8 easy to use packets. Borax. Iodide. Bran. Soothes tired, aching feet. Softens corns and calluses. Relieves itching and burning. Freshness with baking soda. Soaks away foot misery. Relieving feet since 1870. Now! Better value 8 packets. Dissolve Johnson's Foot Soap in comfortably warm water and its like medicine for your feet. Soaking with genuine Johnson's Foot Soap helps relax and refresh tired foot muscles. Relieves soreness, aches and pains. Eases itching and burning too. Leaves feet fresher, softer and odor-free. And it's easy to use! Try a full-body bath in Johnson's foot soap for a complete all-over refreshing experience. Dissolved contents of one packet in a tub of comfortably warm water. after bathing, rinse off and towel dry. Discover how relaxed and energized you feel. Always take care not to slip in your tub, especially when using bath additives. The use of a tub mat is highly recommended. Has relieved millions of feet since 1870 none genuine without this trademark. Questions? 1-800-431-2610. Made in USA.