Naturtint Hair Color, Permanent, 5C, Light Copper Chestnut

Intense. With active vegetable ingredients. 100% Grey cover. No ammonia. More conditioning. Lasting color. Healthy, gentle hair care. This Box Contains: Protective gloves; Instructions leaflet; Naturtint 2.1 fl oz (60 m l); Color Developer 2.1fl oz (60 ml); Nutrideep Multiplier 1.2 fl oz (35 ml). Hair with 3 times more strength. More volume. Conditioning. Manageability. Naturtint helps you understand Hair color. Tested under dermatological control. Against animal testing. Discover Naturtint intense for vivid, natural hair color. Warm chestnut based colors enriched with lively golden, copper, iridescent or natural tones. Naturtini is the first permanent hair colorant without ammonia or resorcinol. Thanks to its gentle formula enriched with active vegetable ingredients, Naturtini richly colors your hair and will completely cover grey hair. Gentle hair care: 0% ammonia (0% Resorcinol). Grey cover: 100%. Lasting Color: Over 5 weeks. Oat; Nourishing. Wheat; Restructuring. Corn; Moisturizing. Soy; Protective. Coconut; Conditioning. Thanks to the New formula and its multiplying effect, Nutrideep regenerates the hair fibre giving to it 3 times more strength and volume; its active ingredients greatly improve the condition of your hair and color duration by forming a protective shield to neutralize the effects of UV rays. Naturtint brings more vibrant color to your hair that lasts 5 weeks adding strength, condition and shine. Made in E.U.