Kidfresh Mighty Meaty Chicken Meatballs

10 g protein per serving. Chicken raised without antibiotics and pureed vegetables. No artificial flavors or ingredients. No synthetic colors. No preservatives. No antibiotics used (Chicken raised without the use of antibiotics). Chicken fed 100% vegetarian diet. 70% less fat (Than the leading brand of frozen meatballs. Compared to the leading brand of meatballs made with beef, pork and turkey. Fat content reduced from 20 g to 6 g per serving). Fully cooked. A fresh take on foods kids love. We get it: we all have our favorite foods (we'd eat 'em every day If we could). As parents who believe our families deserve the best, we created a version of kid classics that are as mouth-watering good as they are good for us all. Howl By choosing the best Ingredients for every recipe. Now that's what you call real mealtime goodness. Made With Yummy Ingredients: Chicken fed a 100% vegetarian diet no antibiotics used (Chicken raised without the use of antibiotics); onions and celery; shredded carrots; wheat flour bread crumbs. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture. 100% recycled paperboard. Please recycle. BPA free packaging.