Brio Madagascar Vanilla Ice Ceam - Made With Organic Milk

Organic milk. Pasture-raised. Brio®! Madagascar vanilla. You love ice cream! Brio loves you Back™ with antioxidants*, probiotics and 50% less fat**. Made with calcium-rich, organic whole milk & 35% fewer calories,** it's the delicious way to add protein, plus omegas without artificial stuff***. Dairy dessert. 14 fl oz (414ml). ©2016 Nutricopia, Inc. Non GMO4. Nutrient rich. Made with organic whole milk. Certified gluten free. Why you can love Brio every day! *Vitamins A, C & E. **Compared to super premium brands. ***No artificial colors or flavors. 2Omega-3: 143mg, omega-6: 573mg. 3 500 million CFU per 2 servings. Powered by BC30, Ganeden Probiotic, digestive & immune system. GF, certified gluten-free. 150 calories1. Omega 3-6-9s2. 6g protein1. Probiotics3. 1per serving.