GTS Kombucha Organic Bloom, Seasonal

Living food for the living body. Living in gratitude. An Expression of Gratitude: Every morning I rise with appreciation for the love that Mother Nature and her spirit have given us. It's a daily gift that reaffirms our desire to harvest the freshest, most nutritious Kombucha for you to enjoy and nourish your bodies. May each effervescent sip remind you to appreciate the blessings in your life and pay them forward with kindness. - GT Dave, Founder. In the garden of life, gratitude is the nourishment we need to water the roots of our inner peace. When we nurture its growth, we envelop the earth in a forest of love and light. The earth. The sun. The sky. A hug from a friend. A call from a loved one. A smile from a stranger. Blessings are abundant. Gratitude begins within.