Blue Point No Apologies, 22 fl. oz. Bottle

93 IBU, 1.091 OG, Small Batch 10% alc./vol. Our Double IPA is not for the faint of heart. Or tongue. Since our very first batch, we set out to craft a big ale that would a pack-a-punch but still leave you coming back for more. Brewed only in small batches, the huge, earthy dry-hop aroma of Double IPA finishes with a pleasing caramel sweetness. Five hop varieties round-out this fully balanced brew that will tantalize your taste buds & warm your soul. If you happen to find a lot of bittering hops to be offensive, well, we offer No Apologies! The Blue Point Brewing Company Freshness Seal is a symbol of our commitment to freshness & flavor. --Mark & Pete. Extremely Fresh