Vermont Bread Company All Natural Rye Bread

We at Vermont Bread Company are proud of the very fine ingredients used in our products. We also recognize the equal importance of the very fine people who actually make our breads. We thank each one for their individual contributions. Now you can enjoy the authentic, robust taste of our Old Style Pumpernickel, a bread with great flavor, texture and aroma, great for sandwiches or accompanying soups. Baked fresh from scratch, using honest-to-goodness ingredients, Vermont Breads give you the great taste and wholesome natural nutrition you love, without those things you don't want; such as chemical additives, artificial ingredients, irradiated ingredients, white sugar, excess salt, and cholesterol. The Vermont Bread Company offers you some of the best baked goods you can buy. All our breads are made with care from traditional recipes and a love for baking. In Vermont, fresh homemade bread has always been the favorite gift to give a friend and neighbor. In that spirit, we offer you Vermont Bread. Your opinion is important to us. Please write and tell us what you like most about our products and suggest any new products or improvements we could make as well.