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Welcome to Easy to Eat Well, and Be Well! Our dietitians provide easy, fun and delicious food and nutrition information that can help you make informed choices about what foods to feed your family when shopping in our stores. Confused about whole grains, gluten or even how to find healthy snacks for you or your family? We're here to help!

About Diana Fransis

Diana Fransis is a registered dietitian and lifestyle coach, specializing in empowering individuals to make informed choices about properly fueling their bodies. Holding a bachelor's degree in Nutritional Sciences from Rutgers University, she completed her dietetic internship at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (now Rutgers). In addition, Diana has earned a certification as a lifestyle coach from the Diabetes Prevention Program. She firmly believes that the supermarket is a pivotal starting point for positive lifestyle changes, emphasizing balance and food choices that make you feel good. With extensive experience and a commitment to guiding others toward optimal well-being, she started her career as a corporate dietitian for a major grocery chain and has now established her own private practice. Residing in New Jersey with her husband and three children, she values family time and delights in sharing her expertise by creating delicious recipes.

About Jacqueline Gomes

Jacqueline Gomes is a Registered Dietitian. Jacqueline subscribes to the philosophy of “all foods fit”; and gives consumers valid, timely and science-based information on leading a healthy life, preventing and managing disease while enjoying their favorite foods. “I love to teach, and giving consumers the proper tools and advice to make the best decisions they can at store level is one of my main priorities. Now more than ever, consumers are looking to food as preventative medicine; there is no better place or time to teach people about food and better-for-you products than at the grocery store.”She began her career as a clinical dietitian and went on to a private practice, providing dietary counseling and education to clients. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Monmouth University, New Jersey. She has completed an MBA in Corporate Communications from Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey and completed her post-graduate dietetic internship program at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.