Puroast Low Acid Ground Coffee, Decaf French Roast

50% Lower acidity. Puroast great tasting coffee has significantly less acid than other coffees. Over 90% of consumers surveyed, experience reduced stomach problems when drinking Puroast. Puroast is 100% real coffee, no treatments or additives. Puroast uses 100% Arabica beans. Puroast coffee traces its history from the Andes Mountains of South America. The company's founder spent many years developing the lost art of roasting. The patented Puroast process is a blend of old and new technologies and is a sustainable, high efficiency energy system. The result: Puroast Low Acid Coffee. A great tasting, stomach friendly product with 50% less acid than other coffees. Puroast Technology: Puroast coffee employs a state of the art energy technology to product its coffee. A unique renewable energy system is used for the patented Puroast system. Over 90% of the energy used at our facility is from renewable resources. Puroast received the distinguished Seal of Sustainability from the Sustainable Business Institute. Using renewable fuels lessens our dependence on imported fuels and helps Puroast maintain competitive pricing.