Del Oro Tostada Crowns, 8 Inch

For restaurant-style tostadas at home. Multigrain. All natural. No trans fat. No sodium. Remember - To complete the cooking process and to enhance crispness and flavor, these par-cooked tostada bowls should be placed in a pre-heated 350 degrees oven for about 3 minutes prior to filling. Now you can prepare the same wonderful Mexican salads at home that you enjoy in your favorite Mexican restaurants. Try our basic Tostada salad recipe below for a meal that is easy to make, looks terrific and tastes great! Each of our Tostada Crowns is made one at a time in our kitchens. Consequently, each bowl is just a little bit different from the next one which gives them that uniquely authentic Mexican appearance. No preservatives. We guarantee the freshness of our Tostada Crowns. If you are not satisfied with the freshness after heating them, to receive a coupon for a replacement package, just mail the UPC symbol from the package bottom, your cash register tape as proof of purchase price, along with your name and return address to: Del Oro Coupon, PO Box 3966 Fullerton, CA 92834.