Balance flower Essences Spring Water 33.8 Floz.

Wild-harvested flower essences in premium spring water to help with focus & concentration. Crowea calming & centering. Banksia robur vitality. Bush iris circadian rhythms. Bush fuchsia creativity/analytical balance. Paw paw digestion. Black-eyed susan focus & concentration. 100% recyclable biodegradable. Local product from the mountains of northern CA and upstate NY. The original balance flower essence combination designed to help you stay cool, calm and collected, no matter the pressure or distractions. Flower Essences have been used for centuries to calm, focus, remove tension and restore your natural equilibrium. All the flowers are carefully and sustainably handpicked growing wild (not farmed) in remote, pristine regions of Australia. Developed by a biochemist who is passionate about all-natural products and the environment, there are no calories, sweeteners, preservatives or artificial additives in balance. (This bottle is completely biodegradable (leaving only natural remains). This bottle will break down in a typical landfill or compost environment in less than 5 years. This bottle currently biodegrades in every state in the US except CA, where it is not biodegradable as defined by the labeling laws of the state of California. For further information visit Sources: alpine springs from the Catskill Mountains, Livingston Manor, NY or Baxter natural spring water, Baxter, CA.