479 Degrees Artisan Popcorn, Sea Salt Caramel

479® Sea Salted Caramel Artisan Popcorn. Non GMO. Gluten-free. No trans fat. Air-popped. Whole grain. 100 calories per cup. Created in San Francisco. The degree of perfection.™ All you need is love... and a bag of sweet, salty popcorn. I've always considered popcorn to be the perfect snack. I loved it as a kid, and that didn't change when I grew up and trained at Le Cordon Bleu in London. Later, as I experimented in my own kitchen, I discovered that 479 is the optimal temperature for popping, which sparked the idea for our company name. Made the artisan way, with heirloom popcorn and sophisticated flavors, this is a snack you can feel good about eating. It just might take you back to the simple joy of childhood, the way it does for me. Real good so you can feel good. No artificial anything. All natural. Certified gluten free. Whole grain. 1-888-479-YUMM (9866). Get your popcorn fix here: 479degrees.com.